Are you looking for a photographer for your wedding in Lake Como? Didn't your wedding planner mention my name? Not sure if they are up to photographing your wedding?

To answer the first question: I live in Bellagio in Lake Como (I really live here) and I know every detail of this lake, where the light comes from at any given time, how the wind arrives depending on the chosen location, how to photograph you in your favorite location. What colors can help me create the right atmosphere and what style to use depending on the occasion .. My main style remains but every wedding needs some detail that makes it unique and unforgettable.

I don't collaborate with any wedding planner, you are wondering why? the truth is that I feel good like this ... I have tried in the past to contact someone but obviously none of them gave me a chance ... who chooses me is because they like my style of taking pictures and have decided to trust about me ... I often see that not being presented by a wedding planner can create a warning but you can contact me for some examples .. I don't have many as a first photographer but those I have were happy with the result.

To find out if I am up to your wedding you just have to come in Bellagio and see me and have a chat, I'll show you some weddings and I'll explain my style ... if you can't come to Bellagio in Lake Como we can meet online with one of the platforms available for video calls.


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