Large format photography

For me, photography is everything. 

It allows me to live there and therefore I respect it very much. 

Those who follow me know that I mainly deal with portraits, whether they are singles or couples or marriage proposals, or weddings. 

From this year I have decided to use the film photography in large format 4x5 for returns or services to private places. 

What I mean? In summary I will take some analog photos, and already only analog, and not digital and these, believe me, will have a much higher detail than any digital or analog medium format. 

My 4x5 photograph can be done in the following ways: 

- black and white negatives 

- color negatives 

- color slide 

- dry glass negatives 

For each final photo, 2 large format shots will always be taken in order to guarantee the best result on what is required for each portrait.

Contact me for details.

Using Format