A betrothed in Bellagio

These are the stories I like. 

Some time ago I was contacted by a girl who asked me if I also do film photography workshops, since she had seen one of my proposals online where I took black and white photos with film to tourists. 

And since one of her friends is about to get married and being the bride-to-be passionate about photography, her friends have decided to surprise her! 

I have never considered myself a master at what I have always done but I consider myself, (as my photography teacher also says :-)) an eternal student. 

In short, motion prevails in me: Never stop learning! 

Since I manage my photographic technique and subsequent development quite well, the workshop proposal is created in shooting in black and white with film and subsequent development. 

The day of the photo session arrives. 

The bride-to-be is super surprised! she did not suspect anything and the surprise of her friends succeeds perfectly. 

After the initial phase where she becomes familiar with the camera I give her, a Nikon F60 with a 28mm 2.8, a photographic kit that helps a lot during the shooting phase. 

I explain to her how I would like her to take pictures of her, explaining my shooting method, in order to develop the rolls quite similar. 

In all honesty I have to say that the photos turned out very well, for it was the first time he shot in black and white with film. 

We take 3 negatives between Ilford HP5 + 400 and Ilford Delta Pro 400. For development I use Ilford ID-11 in 1 + 1. 

I scan the photos to show them how the photographs they took turned out. 

The texture that the film has for me has a romanticism of other times, elegant. 


Here are some shots taken by me during the photo session.

Photo Shoot in Bellagio
Using Format